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The United Nations’ ‘Fourth Committee’ of the UN general assembly, the Special Political and Decolonization Committee, consorts the world’s colonial issues. Where territories are coercively taken over by non-governing entities and the political stability of the region is distressed, SPECPOL, with an edict to oversee decolonization, struggles to sustain these afflicted regions.

IUMUN’13 is redefining the stream of conversing in SPECPOL. It will be proffering for the first time ever a remodeled dimension of cooperation, teaming, politics and intellect. As this committee has always been crucially political and has proven to be the most versatile out of all other committees in the UN General Assembly, it will serve yet another dexterously spicy dish on table through each of the topics that it has to offer at IUMUN’13. The debating at SPECPOL is bound to stir you! Why? Come, find out.


Shabbar4NAME: Shabbar Muhammed Virani

FAVORITE/BEST MUN EXPERIENCE : “Discrimination is prohibited under the international law”

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the President`s committee. My name is Shabbar Muhammed Virani and besides serving as the President for IUMUN society this year I will also be serving as the chairperson for Special Political and Decolonization committee (SPECPOL) alongside my dear friend Mehdi Raza KaramAli at IUMUN 2013.

I have been attending MUN conferences for over 3 years now; as a delegate, a committee director and as an Executive Body member for a number of conferences. Just to sum up my overall MUN experience as a committee director, people do not forget me easily.
Coming to the committee,topics that we will be discussing in our committee has been discussed at various MUN`s around the globe so you won’t have trouble finding the material and maybe the relevant study guides as well, so I want to see each and every one of my delegate to be prepared.
Please make sure you do put in a little effort. By that I mean that even if you are unaware how to research or where to start your research just make sure you have complete grasp over the study-guide. Your study guide will act as a foundation stone for your research. From me, the best delegate award or any award won`t go to a delegate who is a good orator but in contrary to that delegate who is well aware of what he/she is saying , has substantial backings w.r.t to facts and figures and of course is active for all three days of debate. This is perhaps the reason why I love MUN, because here everyone has an equal chance (atleast when I am chairing a committee :p).

Till we meet, don`t let your lala-land be infected by codswallop.

If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher.” –Dr.Abdul Kalam

Shabbar M. Virani


Name: Mehdi RazaKaramAli
Institution: S.M Law College
Majors: LLB

Greetings Fellow Delegates,

Welcome to IUMUN’13. My name is Mehdi RazaKaramAli and I have the privilege of being one of your Co-Chairs for Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL) at IUMUN 2013. I’m currently pursuing

Legum Baccalaureus with an avid interest in Public Speaking.

My experience with IUMUN has been overwhelming. It was the first platform where I tested my MUNing skills. Since then I have been associated with its team and was even invited to IUMUN Intra. Being co-chair at IUMUN will take my experience from delegate to a part of the secretariat.Apart from IUMUN I have attended ZABMUN and MUNIK was the award-winner in both of them. While being your co-chair I will try my maximum to transfer my experience and skills to the ones putting their feet in the world of MUN for the first time.

I will ensure that the experience at SPECPOL, for both first time and seasoned MUNers, will be one that you will cherish. We expect you to be active and participative both during formal and informal debate and to convince us of your Outstanding Diplomacy. Godspeed!

“There are only two types of speakers in the world. The nervous and the liars” – Mark Twain




GhazainDear MUN comrades,

I am Ghazain Yousuf from IU and I’m a HR Major in my third year of studies, with a strong appetite for learning and new experiences. Being a traveler by choice and debater by passion, I have always been able to grow strong and healthy friendships with individuals across the world in

the past few years.

I approached the arena of Model United nations for the first time in 2012 which was IUMUN and represented IRAN in SPECPOL. After 4 days of intense debating, I managed to grab the best delegate award and from there my motivation and love for MUN’s started. Since then I have done 4 MUN’s up till now and have won all 4 of them.

It is indeed a great pleasure for me to preside over SPECPOL at the IQRA UNIVERSITY MODEL UNITED NATIONS’ 13.

MUN has allowed me to finally link my passion for debating and different cultures via traveling, which has always been my obsession. See you at the committee sessions.


Ghazain Yousuf



KomalHello Delegates!

I am Komal Batool, a freshman at the Iqra University, and I’m excited to welcome you all to IUMUN’13. For those taking part in IUMUN for the first time, I welcome you and for those returning to the IUMUN experience, I welcome you back. This year promises being bigger and better than ever before.

I have always been interested in public speaking, and my MUN-ing experience started in my A levels, and from then on it has been nothing but a fast-paced journey. I have been a delegate twice for MUNIK, and once for LUMUN and ZABMUN. Furthermore PAFMUN 2012 has given me the chance to be an Assistant Committee Director for UNIFEM. SPECPOL at IUMUN’13 is both a very different and interesting committee to be in. We not only expect diplomats to be good speakers, good leaders and good negotiators; but all three. Looking forward to your active participation during both formal and informal debate that may convince us of your ‘Outstanding Diplomacy’.

Good Luck!

Komal Batool




1. Global Neo-colonialism 

2. Situation in Kashmir 


Special Political & Decolonization Committee (STUDY GUIDE) – View/Download