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Letter from the Director General


Most Esteemed Participants of IUMUNX,

I am more than honored to be the Director General of IUMUNX, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary. As the Director General, it is with the utmost respect that I sincerely welcome every distinguished participant to join us at a conference so dear to our heart.


Being a member of this club for three years, I have experienced and learned a lot; I have befriended so many precious people, since then we have become a team which I am very lucky to be a part of. As a club, our values are interconnected and hold great significance for us. Knowing this, I can say that this conference will be the best; being the best is a tradition of this club.

As the organization team, we have been working day and night to make IUMUNX a pleasurable experience for you. I am very excited to reach the period where we will reap the rewards of this effort. We are sure to make each of you feel special.As a political science student I am ought to say  that if there are things lacking in

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society, it will be discussed. For this reason, without further ado, I would like to show our professionalism not with words, but with actions. As you will witness history, you will witness the best conference you have ever seen and you will be shaping the future.

Zeynep Alara TUNÇ

Director General

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