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Letter from the IUMUN Club President


I am honored to serve as the president of the IUMUN Club, and I take great pleasure in being a part of our club, which embraces the motto "witness the history, shape the future." As the youth of Istanbul University, we are fervent about renouncing discourse that promotes conflict and instead works towards shaping a future of sustainable peace for every individual by raising awareness of the pressing issues of our time. As members of the IUMUN community, we understand the significance of our role and aspire to pave the way for peace for future generations. We, as the youth, are not only the potential for the future but we are shaping both the future and our present now. Exempting ourselves from this delicate process would be diluting our role in the system. In retrospect, both the United Nations and its predecessor, the League of Nations, demonstrated an unwavering commitment to defending peace. However, despite the United Nations' comprehensive efforts to maintain peace, conflicts persist, and the world remains on the precipice of potential conundrum and conflict. 

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The international system continues to be characterized by tense relations between states. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that the United Nations emerges as a powerful solution through advancements in international law and the international system. The emergence of peace is an inevitable outcome bestowed upon the youth by the United Nations. The legacy of the United Nations has sparked the consciousness and enthusiasm of young people, empowering them to shape sustainable peace. Furthermore, as a result of this historical framework, our annual sessions, weekly mock debates, and dedication to fostering a discourse of peace among our members serve as catalysts for peace and streamline the peace-building process, making it more convenient. As the president and academic team member of the IUMUN Club, remolding the peace and articulating it on the axis of both the UN and the international system is a crucial task for our community. I am indeed proud to be part of the İstanbul University community, where we witness history, guide the present, and shape the future alongside our amazing club members and conference participants. Be a part of our family and attend our annual conferences to shape the future alongside our devoted members!

Hediye Aleyna KISAOĞLU

IUMUN Club President

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Board Member

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Board Member

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Çağdaş Başar BAHAR

Board Member

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Zeynep Alara TUNÇ

Board Member

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Board Member

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Berat Çağan DÜRTEK

Board Member

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Board Member

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Board Member

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