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Under Secretary General

Çağdaş Başar BAHAR


Academic Assistant

Sudenaz Seda BAYRAM

Agenda Item


About the committee

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The United States will decide and vote upon the fate of America’s future this year. All 435 seats of the House of Representatives and 35 seats of the Senate will be contested. In particular, the Swing States will be quite essential and both parties will show their best effort in the campaigns for these states and regions. Will Biden’s and thus the Democrat party’s efforts be appreciated and the “Blue Wave” will continue to be so? Or, with the high inflation, the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict, internal issues, and many lobby activities in the swing states leading to a Red Congress? All of these questions will be answered in our JCC Committee; 2022 US Midterm Elections.

Besides following a completely different procedure, our JCC Committee requires delegates to possess substantial knowledge regarding the Electoral System of the US. Thus, this committee is suitable for experienced delegates. Our Committee Staff and the Crisis Team look forward to working tirelessly to offer you the high-paced atmosphere of a true election-themed JCC that you anticipate.