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Agenda Item

Agenda Item : Open Agenda

About the committee

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In 1792, Goethe prophesized, “Here and today a new era in world history begins.” The Great French Revolution of 1789 had a profound impact on the world, creating a new societal order and changing the course of history, for good. However, as the revolutionaries walked carefree on a carpet of flowers, never thinking of the abyss below; all crucial events in this period included the guillotine as the coalitions were formed to stop France’s irresistible advance and dramatic shifts in the French parliaments and constitutions kept their constant historical flow through the blood-soaked meadows. Through the terror of revolution, however, rose one man; a man who had brought peace, justice and security to his new “empire”. The revolution devoured itself in the person of Napoléon Bonaparte and concentrated its grandeur towards the old continent while dragging millions to fields of war. This Committee is by no means an ordinary narrative of the French Revolution; it is a unique journey through the clash of nations that lasted more than 20 years in the name of “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” towards the “Perpetual Peace”. Factions will face each other as the French Parliament and its successor institutions throughout the course of Revolution, the Vienna Order of great powers that awaits to crush the Revolution for all costs, and the Consortium of Third Parties which comprises the minor powers each with their own benefits waiting to be addressed will fight for the future of human civilization. As you delve deep into the politics of the age, critical updates that will be awaiting you and a major storm could take place at any moment. As unique as its story, this committee will entertain many sui generis dynamics. These and more awaits you in this one of a kind committee; however, in this journey your words should be as sharp as your sword, and your shield should be in your other hand, always…

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