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Agenda Item

Agenda Item A: Means of Unified Action on the Matter of Greenwashing

About the committee

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Climate change stands as one of the most pressing crises that humanity has ever faced. As everyone is aware, greenhouse gas emissions are contributing to planetary warming. Despite reports dating back to the early 1970s, the international community and multinational corporations have been reluctant to implement meaningful measures to reduce carbon emissions, citing various reasons for their inaction. This hesitance has accelerated the pace of climate change and exacerbated its impacts. While the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change has provided a platform for international cooperation, recent Conference of Parties meetings have failed to produce significant results. Furthermore, a lack of national transparency, accountability, and decisive action indicates that climate change is not being adequately addressed. Additionally, corporations often misleadingly advertise their products as 'eco-friendly,' leading consumers to pay premium prices for them. This situation raises a crucial question: 'Do states and corporations genuinely want to resolve this issue?'


To seek meaningful answers to this question and chart a pathway toward resolution, a climate change summit has been convened for national, regional, and global environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs). At this summit, NGOs such as Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth International, and Climate Action Tracker are expected to share reports, insights, and strategies. The goal is to formulate a mutual declaration and manifesto that will exert pressure on the primary actors in climate change—namely, states and corporations—and empower citizens to advocate for legislative action on this critical issue.

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