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Academic Assistant
Öykü TAŞ

Agenda Items

Agenda Item A: ​​Inequality and Discrimination in Work Areas

Agenda Item B: Forced Labor, Human Trafficking and Slavery in Asia

About the committee

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The International Labor Organization is the only tripartite UN agency since its foundation in 1919, aiming to achieve accessible, productive, and sustainable working standards by protecting the rights of freedom, equity, security, and dignity while promoting rights at work, encouraging decent employment opportunities, enhancing social protection, and strengthening dialogue on work-related issues. 

    The first agenda of our committee is Inequality and Discrimination in Work Areas. This topic includes many sociopolitical characteristics such as race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, disability, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or national origin. Many people suffer from inequality and discrimination in the workplace, either on purpose or by illegal accident discrimination.

    Our second topic is Forced Labor, Human Trafficking, and Slavery in Asia. Throughout the whole history of slavery, there has never been more suffering that generated more profit and linked to the lives of more people around the world. Roughly 27.6 million people are in forced labor; there are 17.3 million people exploited in the private sector, 6.3 million in forced commercial sexual exploitation, and 3.9 million in forced labor imposed by the state.

    The primary goal of this committee is to maintain the interests of humankind. Crucial decisions given and direct actions taken will shape the fate of the conditions of working areas throughout the entire world.

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