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July 17th-20th, 2023

Letter From The Secretary-General

Dear Participants;

It is my utmost honor and pleasure to invite and welcome you all to the fourth annual session of the Istanbul University Model United Nations Conference, where I serve as the Secretary-General. I am more than delighted to announce that this year’s IUMUN conference will take place July 17–20, 2023. As we did at the last IUMUN conference, we are more excited and eager to make you enjoy every moment of this precious event this year. Along with the contributions of our board of directors, the members of our club, and our highly experienced academic and organization team, I guarantee that you will have an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind conference whose memories will last for years.

Our Under-Secretary-Generals and Academic Assistants, starting from the beginning of this fall semester, have been working really hard in order to build IUMUN’23, considering and learning from our last conference to make it even better. Our main objective this year is to have high-level diplomatic discussions and heated debates and find proper and effective solutions for various global issues that have an impact on billions of people's lives.


Towards achieving these goals, IUMUN’23 will consist of seven committees: the Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL), the LEGAL Committee, the International Labor Organization (ILO), the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, the North Atlantic Council (NAC), the Aegean Sea Summit, and Historical Crisis Committee: The Paris Commune 1871. Having such elaborate and fruitful matters to discuss, I highly assure you that future leaders and politicians will master the basis of diplomacy, problem-solving, and persuasion.

All lives matter in our opinion. For any lives suffering from the inequalities and hardships of survival, we, as the youth, will be there to help. We will understand the conditions of others better and act accordingly. With the help of our energy and eagerness, we will work really hard and make this world a better place for anyone. By telling anyone, we literally mean anyone. From the virgin forests of the Amazons to the furthest deserts of Africa, every single human being will benefit from the works of the youth. The existence of organizations such as MUN conferences lets us have a say in our future. As the IUMUN community, we learn from history and shape the following years, decades, and centuries for a better world, embracing the motto "Witness the History."

Join us for a remarkable journey for the fourth time!



Bora Akar


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