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Amine Elçin TOPAK

Agenda Item

​​Open Agenda

About the committee

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The breeze blew upon us from within the valley. O breeze, for the sake of love, take me home.

    It is indeed an enchanting land, this Lebanon of Fairuz. A land deprived of its former glory, history, and prosperity. Such is the fate of ancient civilizations of the Levant that they endeavor for a brief return to their brightness now buried in silence, deep beneath the olden days; the Harbor of Phoenicians, the cenacle of Maronite, the stronghold of crusaders. Lebanon has hosted them all and outlived them all.

Now, what lies ahead? It is quite uncertain, even for the Lebanese themselves. Yet, we can be sure about a fact. Lebanon is indeed ambiguous about its fate as it has always been. A society becomes united only because of its love for its homeland, torn apart about everything else regarding its future. Multiple factions, countless conflicts, and internal and external actors. All gaze upon the same objective that lies ahead, having a say on the fate of Lebanon and its potential as a bottom line in Levantine geopolitics. 

    Ladies and gentlemen, our sole purpose is to prompt you to dive into the catastrophically colorful politics of Lebanon and its counterparts. In the context of the Supreme Tribunal gathered to decide upon the guilt possessed by Lebanon and its internal actors - Hezbollah, the legitimate government of Lebanon, and relatively non-aligned politicians, you will have the opportunity either to accuse Lebanon and its political figures as applicant states and defend its interests as one of those internal actors, or you can even assert your interest as a third party state which has its reasons to attend this Tribunal. 

    Multiple mechanics in a single committee awaits you: politics of the Lebanese legislative assembly, elections that may shift the attitude of the Lebanese bloc depending on the winner of it - Hezbollah or the government, various diplomatic intrigues to strengthen the interests of Lebanon or the state which you may represent in the Tribunal. It will be a unique committee format entertaining classic MUN rules with mentioned extensions and procedural mechanics. We expect to see those of you who want to try something new and unexpected at a MUN conference in our committee on the fate of Lebanon, the land of Fairuz.

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