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Berat Çağan DÜRTEK

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Open Agenda

About the committee

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The Aegean Sea, a fascinating natural basin and disarrayed zone with its political history is one crucial parameter of the relations between Türkiye and Greece. Withstanding various topics within the topic of Aegean Sea conflicts of 2 states, a dimensional view regarding the complex case of the zone includes components of international law, militarization, energy needs, cultural and historical roots, geopolitics, economic benefits, international interests, and further more to mention.

    Taking the date back to 1821, when the Greek Movement of Freedom began on the territory of the Ottoman Empire, sovereignty issues of the Aegean islands were directly dragged into the center of relations between Turks and Greeks. Through the harsh progress of history and, as a result of developments within internal law, problems regarding sovereignty and other topics above the Aegean Sea and its islands have occurred in a branched and rough position. Keeping in mind that the states of Türkiye and Greece are both members of NATO; and there were several annual diplomatic meetings that the political and military situations of the member states and their legal theses contradicting each other do not leave the opportunity to solve the ongoing problems.

     In this summit of 4 days, the Republic of Greece and the Republic of Türkiye are going to have both some sessions of negotiations and cabinet meetings. The flux is going to be decided by state officials if the issue is to be solved by signing a Treaty that includes topics that are agreed upon, passing the spotted agenda items for the authorization of international judgment, or other political and military scenarios that may occur.

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